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County of Haliburton

Haliburton County is a place of opportunity and a superior quality of life. As the heart of Ontario's Cottage County, we can offer the spectacular beauty of rolling hills and over 600 pristine lakes, but also safe and active communities to raise your children and reliable services for your retirement.

As a community that believes in and is committed to the principles of sustainable communities we welcome development that contributes towards our vision. A vision of small to medium sized enterprises that are sustainable, stable, diversified and that offer year round employment opportunities.

In keeping with Ontario's growing new economy and the continuous advances that are occurring within the telecommunications industry, Haliburton County is well positioned to support knowledge-based and creative industries as well as light manufacturing. As one of the key sectors in our economy, knowledge-based industries contribute substantially to employment and economic activity.

and tourism will still continue to be key growth sectors. Through sustainable forestry practices, the County's forests are now one of the major capital components of our economy. And tourists who know of our enviable quality of life and natural environment keep returning for more!