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Northumberland County is a community located in south eastern Ontario and is comprised of a mix of rural and small urban areas. The County is located at the westernmost portion of Eastern Ontario and is immediately east of the Region of Durham. This relatively large County (1,903 square kilometres) is bordered on the east by Hastings County and Quinte West, on the north by Rice Lake and Peterborough County, and by Lake Ontario on the south. Northumberland County offers a range of experiences from historic towns to rolling hills to waterfront settings. Ideally located with quick access to some of the largest metropolitan areas in Ontario, Northumberland County’s setting offers employment and economic development possibilities to businesses and industry.

The population of Northumberland County is approximately 81,000. Those that choose to make the County home realize the strengths of the aesthetically pleasing landscape complimenting vibrant local communities.

Important employment sectors currently in the County are tourism, agriculture, service industries, and manufacturing. Northumberland County is an attractive tourism destination due to its active arts and entertainment communities and local events. The range of activities include outdoor activities (such as driving tours, hiking, boating and fishing) and festivals, arts and entertainment, heritage and culture, spa and wellness, shopping and cuisine and accommodations.

A full range of local employment agencies currently serve the needs of the diverse communities located within the boundaries of Northumberland County. These agencies have formed a Community Employment Resource Partnership (CERP Northumberland) and they, as a group, are committed to serving all members of the community through a cooperative planning and service delivery approach. CERP Northumberland members recognize that effective service partnerships that provide our clients with the supports, tools and resources that they need improves the outcomes for individuals, agencies and the community as a whole. We also believe that this partnership complements local strategic economic development initiatives. Furthermore, this commitment to the establishment and maintenance of a network of community service agencies and sharing of valuable resources within that network ensures a coordinated and cooperative service delivery throughout the County.

The strength of these relationships creates a positive effect on the community as we are positioned to jointly respond to changing labour market and economic forces through our innovative and results-oriented employment programs.