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The Peterborough service delivery area is a mix of urban and rural households with a total population of approximately 125,856 residents. Roughly 57% of the population lives in the city with the balance in the County of Peterborough. Local employment agencies have a well established history of cooperative planning and service delivery in order to meet the needs of this diverse geographical area.

In 2002, the Employment Networking Group was initiated. This is a networking forum for front line staff of service providers that still exists. On a bi-monthly basis they meet and share information related to the provision of their services. This is the forum for the much needed networking that benefits front line people in their day to day work. Managers for some time, however, have been feeling the need to raise the bar to a higher level. 

All levels of government are requiring increased accountability in program delivery and effectiveness. Funding is contingent on successful program management including transparent evaluation of services, cost effectiveness and minimizing duplication wherever possible.

Regardless of funding source, organizations involved in the provision of employment related services must continue to be innovative in program design and delivery in order to meet these expectations and maintain funding.

A rapidly changing global business climate has lead to significant regional economic differences across Canada. This trend, among other factors, (e.g. aging population, declining manufacturing sectors, increasing service sectors) has created unique challenges and opportunities in the Peterborough area.

Through active partnerships and enhanced coordination of employment services, improved outcomes for individuals, agencies and the community as a whole can be realized.

Effective service partnerships will complement strategic economic development initiatives at the local level. We know our own backyard well and are able to identify opportunities to support the growth of new or existing businesses. The strength of relationships between employment agencies will directly impact the capacity of our community to respond to dynamic labour market and economic forces. As service providers we are committed to explore innovative, results focused employment programs